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The 3 C's of Culture at Walr

As a remote-first organization, we strive to keep the 3 C’s of culture alive and thriving – Connectivity, Communication and Community.

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What are the 3 C’s of Culture?

As a remote-first organization with employees around the globe (across 5 countries), we strive to keep the 3 C’s of culture alive and thriving – Connectivity, Communication and Community.

Ensuring Connectivity

We believe all employees – regardless of location – should have an equitable working experience. We prioritize making sure that each remote employee has the at-home set-up they need to remain connected, healthy, and effective at their job.

Enabling Effective Communication

Communication starts with the interview process. Our process is designed to allow the candidate to meet as many Walr employees as possible, in an efficient manner, to ensure all questions are answered and to prevent any surprises once hired.

Internally, Walr relies on a set of communication and meeting best practices to allow for equal access to information in real-time through Slack, Outlook, and Teams. We have defined meeting cadences, so all teams meet regularly, and the company gathers as a collective monthly. We also prioritize documentation and software to reduce the time it takes to find and share pertinent information.

Creating Community

Community may feel like a foreign concept for a globally distributed company, but not at Walr. In fact, we feel much closer than our geography might indicate.

Walr has a culture steering group, called ‘Walr Central’ with representatives from each team and region, who are responsible for a specific pillar of culture. These pillars include:

  • Employee recognition
  • Wellbeing
  • Social events
  • Learning & development
  • Onboarding

The team monitor the pulse of the organization and highlight key areas of focus for senior leaders to address. Additionally, they run our Onboarding Buddy System, whereby they pair each new hire with a designated ‘buddy’. The buddy is responsible for helping the new hire acclimate to Walr culture and get up to speed with the ways of doing things. They also provide a safe space to ask any and all questions.

Why is Culture So Important to Us?

As an early-stage business, it would be easy to get distracted by other measures of success: profit, turnover, customer retention rates. However, our long-term vision hinges on building a business that brings delight to all, our customers and employees alike.

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