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Stay on the pulse of

the General Election.

With walr.

Are you looking for fast turnaround, high volume and nationally representative audiences to track public opinion during this General Election?

What will happen at the 2024 General Election?

With the General Election called for 4th July 2024, we are entering a period of unknowns. What will the public do? Who will turn out to vote? What will the impact be on businesses, education, transport, health?

The ability to understand public opinion is more important than ever. To stay ahead of this change, gathering voting intentions will be crucial.

Gather public opinion rapidly, with Walr.

  • Nat-rep audiences in 24 hours
  • Dedicated account management
  • 24/7 project management 
  • Guaranteed feasibility, pricing & timings 
  • Proprietary quality control tool
  • An enhanced service for post-fieldwork postcode matching and real-time constituency capture, using API integration

Request a quote and we’ll respond within 30 minutes.

We utilise a multi-source, industry-agnostic approach to get nationally representative audiences, in record time, at unbeatable prices. 

  • Programmatic access to panels 
  • Deep integration with exchanges 
  • Select third-party partnerships 
  • Panels hosted on our technology 
  • Direct integrations with CRMs 

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Stay on the pulse of the General Election with UK representative audiences, delivered in 24 hours.