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MI Pro AS Rebrands to Walr AS

MI Pro AS has completed the process of changing its company name and will now be known as Walr AS.

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MI Pro AS has completed the process of changing its company name and will now be known as Walr AS. The legal name change serves to bring the various elements of Walr, including QuenchTec, which was acquired by Walr in 2021, together under one unified name and brand.  

MI Pro AS became a spin-off of MMI (Markeds-og Mediainstituttet) in 2000, and has since served a wide range of prominent clients including Ipsos, Kantar, Opinion, Novus and TØI, among others.  

The transition gives us the chance to show our offering to a new and international audience. As we look to expand, our Norwegian and Swedish clients remain core users of the solutions we have built together.

“With Walr we now see a rapid increase in development resources. We will be able to realise our vision and see our ideas come to fruition.“ 

Björn Grønli, Head of Solutions, Walr
Pål Sesseng (Head of Nordics) and Björn Grønli (Head of Solutions)

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