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High quality audiences.At guaranteed prices.

1.5 bn questions answered
30 m+ survey interviews
140 markets
75 + profile points

Online Sampling

The easiest way to field your online surveys.

When it comes to fieldwork, we keep things simple. With no cut off time, no minimum fee, unparalleled reach, and expert support, you can access industry-leading online sampling sources, without any of the hassle. 

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The combination of our proprietary technology, process automation, and multi-supplier network drives significant cost savings.

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1,000s of completes delivered in a matter of hours, so you gain insights at warp speed.

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Built-in, industry-leading quality control measures, to ensure all sample meets your standards.

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A model that delivers exactly what it says it can. We guarantee feasibility and pricing so there are no hidden surprises. 

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Unifying over 600 unique panels and sample sources, to get the best reach at the best price. 

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Walr have been a trusted panel partner of ours for the past few months now, supporting us in achieving the sample we need in timely and cost efficient ways. All whom I have had the pleasure of working with at Walr have been extremely helpful from quote stages, through to link testing, and project management. In particular, Walr have been incredible at supporting us with more difficult sample to source, ultimately helping us to meet the needs of our own clients.

The customer service that Walr provides is unfaltering – their patience, understanding and help with our requests is much appreciated. It is a pleasure to work alongside Christie and the team.

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We used Walr for a 3 month tracking project with very specific sampling priorities. Walr was able to work with us to script the survey with great speed, whilst also ensuring geotagging of respondents was in place to ensure we were asking the right questions to the right people.

Over the 3 months, Walr managed our quotas to ensure we got the respondents we required and were always on hand to manage any adjustments needed. We ended with over 85k US respondents, spread across 17 waves of representative data.

Stack Data Strategy

All the audiences you need, all in one place.

Fully Integrated

Fully integrated with all elements of our data creation platform, so you can access your research from a single location.

Project Monitoring

Simple and real-time project monitoring, so you know how your research is performing.


Clear access to see precisely where your sample is coming from and to ensure consistency in the future.


Automated sampling against quotas so your study fills exactly as needed and is repeated as frequently as you require.

Quality Controls

De-duplication, threat score analysis, country checking and digital fingerprinting to name a few of the security features we have in place. 

ISO 27001 Certified

Rely on technology that is continually scrutinized and assessed based on the highest security standards.

Expert Support

We have a global team of experts who are equipped to help with any fieldwork needs, around the clock.

Proprietary Technology

We automate and simplify the research process to bring quality and timely data to our partners, in the most cost-effective manner. 

Dedicated Account Management

You will be assigned a key contact at Walr will take overall responsibility for the relationship.

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