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Audience Access

Quality audiences,

guaranteed prices.

With walr.

We unify smart technology and thoughtful expertise to bring efficiency to online research.

30 m+ completes
650 + sample sources
140 + countries
1.5 bn questions answered

Where fieldwork experts meet expert technology.

The combination of our deep industry knowledge and our proprietary technology means unparalleled audience reach at the best price. 

We provide customers with the widest access to sample audiences via our agnostic, multi-source approach, ensuring the highest level of reliability via our four-stage quality control process. 

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We find the right people for your research.

The world of global sample is complicated. This is where we come in. Through our proprietary platform we:

  • Leverage the widest sample reach in the market
  • Quickly find the audience you need 
  • Reduce costs when sourcing your sample and pass those savings on
  • Include access to our delivery tool so you can analyze, store and share your data

We manage a network of over 650 sample sources.

Sample Only.

Set up your audiences exactly as you want, with complete visibility over progress.

Send your quote to our team, and learn how cost-effective, dynamic, and customer-driven we are. 

Full Service.

Sit back and relax as you let our Full Service specialists do the heavy lifting. 

Benefit from guaranteed feasibility, unparalleled reach, and support from a team of industry experts.  

Helping the world's smartest organizations create data in a better way.
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We take sample quality seriously.

We follow a four-step process, utilizing different applications within the Walr Platform, to ensure the best quality sample for every project we do. We:

  1. Recruit the right respondents
  2. Perform digital checks through our tool, Gatekeeper
  3. Conduct mindset checks through our tool, Gatekeeper
  4. Validate respondent data in field

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We used Walr for a 3 month tracking project with very specific sampling priorities. Walr was able to work with us to script the survey with great speed, whilst also ensuring geotagging of respondents was in place to ensure we were asking the right questions to the right people.

Over the 3 months, Walr managed our quotas to ensure we got the respondents we required and were always on hand to manage any adjustments needed. We ended with over 85k US respondents, spread across 17 waves of representative data.

Stack Data Strategy

Technology for researchers, built by researchers.

Around-the-clock service

With 24/7 support, dedicated account management and unparalleled efficiency, we are trusted partners for our customers’ online research needs. 

Quicker speed to data

Using our proprietary technology, we automate and simplify the research process to deliver data to our customers, at record speed. 

Industry expertise

With a collective experience in online research of hundreds of years, we know the levers to pull to maximize efficiency without compromising on quality. 

Extensive reach

Access a network of over 650 sample sources including global consumer panels, API integrations with programmatic suppliers, and manual relationships with local and specialist panels in niche regions, B2B and Healthcare. 

Cost efficiency

Our model provides industry-leading efficiency, removing the headaches of managing multiple partners and securing the best price every time. 

Quality controls

De-duplication, threat score analysis, country checking and digital fingerprinting to name a few of the security features we have in place.

Send us your quote today.

Are you looking for guaranteed feasibility at a guaranteed price? Send us your quote today.