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Audience Access

Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime.

Helping the world's smartest organizations create data in a better way.


The easiest way to field all of your online surveys.

Providing a simpler way for you to field all of your online surveys, with the peace of mind that your audience will be delivered exactly as required.


Our process automation, leading technology and multi-supplier network drive significant cost savings.


1,000s of completes delivered in a matter of hours, so you gain insights at warp speed.


Built-in, industry-leading quality control measures, to ensure all sample sourced meets your standards.


A model that delivers exactly what it says it can. It never falls short, leaving you scrambling for more interviews.

Walr provides us with exceptional client service, delivering data that we can trust. Working with Walr allows my people to focus on what makes us more successful, providing great insight to our customers. I would recommend them to everyone.

Ben Farr Managing Director, Critical Research
60 k daily completes
100 + markets
75 + profile points
1 bn questions asked

All the audiences you need, all in one place.


Access to over 100m respondents across the globe, so you have everything you need, all in one place.

Fully Integrated

Fully integrated with all elements of our data creation platform, so you can access your insights from a single location.


Simple, conscious and real-time project monitoring, so you know how your project is performing.


Clear access to see precisely where your sample is coming from and to ensure consistency in the future.


Automated sampling against quotas to ensure your study fills exactly as needed, and is repeated as frequently as you require.

Safe, Secure, Compliant

World-class cloud infrastructure that gives you limitless capacity, security and peace of mind that systems are compliant with all data protection and privacy regulations. ISO 27001 certified.

We provide a fully flexible operating model.

1 Lean on us

Don’t fancy managing your fieldwork on a Sunday night? No worries. Let us take care of it for you with our 24/7, global team of consultants.

2 Self serve

In-depth platform training and full service support, so you can confidently take control and run all elements of your research through our platform.

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