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Data Distribution

Save, share and interact seamlessly.

Helping the world's smartest organizations create data in a better way.


A revolutionary way to connect data and customers.

The most connected platform the industry has ever seen. With complete project sharing, your customers can directly interact with their data and access everything ever created, all in one place.


Intuitive and easy-to-use features that make sharing projects a breeze.


Ability to control full functionality when joint access is provided, to offer as interactive an experience as you desire.


Sub account infrastructure to provide the highest level of security and eliminate the chance of data breaches.


Fully white label every element of the platform to ensure your customers experience a completely on-brand experience.

Walr provides us with exceptional client service, delivering data that we can trust. Working with Walr allows my people to focus on what makes us more successful, providing great insight to our customers. I would recommend them to everyone.

Ben Farr Managing Director, Critical Research
18 m completes
10 k surveys
92 countries
1 bn questions answered

The smartest survey builder is also the easiest to use.

Knowledge Library

Store, categorize and search through all historic data sets in one place, from wherever they were created, and benefit from instant access to the interactive data.

Connected Data

Connect multiple data sets to understand longitudinal trends by linking waves and different studies together.

Single Point of Truth

Hold all project information in one place and provide access to all stakeholders, with a full change log to understand who shared what and when.

Interactive Features

Chat features, document and survey sharing, and read reports make the platform extremely interactive and intuitive.

Admin Controls

Easy-to-use controls over every sharing element to offer customers a fully personalized experience.

Safe, Secure, Compliant

World-class cloud infrastructure that gives you limitless capacity, security and peace of mind that systems are compliant with all data protection and privacy regulations. ISO 27001 certified.

We provide a fully flexible operating model.

1 Lean on us

Our team of consultants are on hand to support you with sub account set ups and data sharing, to ensure your customers have a seamless and interactive experience.

2 Self serve

In-depth platform training and full service support, so you can confidently take control and run all elements of your research through our platform.

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