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Panel Manager

Panel management that speaks for itself.

Helping the world's smartest organizations create data in a better way.


The easiest way to field all of your online surveys.

Providing an easy way for you to field all of your online surveys, with the peace of mind that your audience will be delivered exactly as required.


From small communities to huge commercial panels, we offer the ability to simply grow with us from whatever starting point.


Our platform is fully integrated, so you can simultaneously benefit from our survey builder, analysis & reporting and audience access products, and view all of your insights in one place.


Full control over recruitment, sampling and dynamic profiling, so you can deliver the highest level of quality.


Fully automated email and app notifications, along with automated project management tasks to drive rapid delivery.

The programming ability within Walr’s Panel Management solution to develop the bespoke system is first class. It not only improves the efficiency of our operations but also provides us with rigorous control to deliver the very highest quality and most trusted solutions for our customers.

Chris Atkins Managing Director, Yonder Data Solutions
400 + panels managed
25 m members managed
58 countries
2 bn profile points

Fully integrated Panel Management providing seamless control.


Recruit directly from any source or social media channel with our templated, yet fully customizable recruitment process.

Integrated Profiling

Real-time automated profiling thanks to our integrated survey tool, allowing you to add data as profile points instantly.


Unused members on your panel? No issue. The Walr audience access solution gives you the ability to monetize these respondents whilst remaining in full control.

Community Interface

Walr provides both app and website community sites, to provide your members with a place to interact. Alternatively, we can API directly to your existing community.

Easy Import

From new members to updated profiling, Walr provides a simple and scalable approach to mass data imports.

Incentive Management

Structure your incentives exactly how you like and integrate with a host of leading reward options to ensure a seamless experience for members.

We provide a fully flexible operating model.

1 Lean on us

Do you have a database, but lack the capacity to manage it yourself? Walr can provide a fully managed service for your panel.

2 Self serve

In-depth platform training and full service support, allows you to confidently take control and run all elements of your research through our platform.

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