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Analysis & Reporting

Transform your

data analysis.

With walr.

We support the world’s most curious minds with powerful technology, bespoke services, and diverse data collection methods.

30 m+ completes
20 k projects
90 countries
1.5 bn questions answered

Seamlessly turn your data into insights.

Discover the central repository for your data needs. Analysis & Reporting empowers you to comprehensively analyze results using our full data processing suite. Effortlessly share your findings with your team and customers, either directly through our Walr Platform or via industry-standard formats. 

We simplify data analysis and visualization, making it accessible and efficient for all involved. 

Our bespoke offering allows you to create data in whatever way suits you best.

Do it yourself.

With unrivalled usability and automation, Analysis & Reporting allows you to process data at record speed:

  • Full data processing suite
  • Editable data tables, charted reports and dashboards via drag-and-drop system​
  • Automated statistical analysis with Dig Analysis tool
  • Segmentation builder

Have it done for you.

Enjoy peace of mind while our data processing experts handle the intricate tasks.

Whether you need comprehensive support for your analysis and reporting, or assistance with a complex request, we’ve got you covered.

Select a blend of both.

We won’t make you choose, book a call with our team today and tell us how you’d like to work. 

Helping the world's smartest organizations create data in a better way.
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Your ultimate research reporting tool: a single source of truth.

Intuitive drag-and-drop system

Streamline report creation with a simple yet powerful interface, allowing you to compile and analyze data.

Editable exports

Enjoy the flexibility of modifying your reports post-creation, ensuring they remain relevant and actionable over time.

Extensive data cleaning

Utilize our sophisticated data cleaning tools to enhance the quality and accuracy of your insights, removing any obstacles to clear and concise reporting.  

Secure sharing

Share your valuable insights with confidence, using secure links that prioritize data privacy and integrity.

Ready to explore more?

Speak to us to see how we can bring efficiency to your online research.