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Data creation

that works for you.

With walr.

A data creation partner unifying smart technology and thoughtful expertise to support intelligent decision making.

Helping the world's smartest organizations create data in a better way.

The perfect marriage of survey solutions and audience access.

Walr has combined the best of survey software with easy-to-use audience access, to provide customers with the most unified and efficient solution on the market.

All in one place.

  • Panel integrations
  • 100m+ respondents
  • 24hr global support

The way you want it.

  • Do it yourself
  • Do it together
  • Do it for you

Seamless distribution.

  • CRM connections
  • Shareable reports
  • Mobile ready

Walr provides us with exceptional client service, delivering data that we can trust. Working with Walr allows my people to focus on what makes us more successful, providing great insight to our customers. I would recommend them to everyone.

Ben Farr Managing Director, Critical Research

Walr has, through significant experience in the market, an international network and a great portion of creativity and hard work, developed software solutions that speak with the respondent, not to the respondent. This engages the respondent and is the foundation of all good analysis.

John Lauring Pedersen CEO, Opinion

The programming ability within Walr’s Panel Management solution to develop the bespoke system is first class. It not only improves the efficiency of our operations but also provides us with rigorous control to deliver the very highest quality and most trusted solutions for our customers.

Chris Atkins Managing Director, Yonder Data Solutions
Conor Line Logo

Walr has gone above and beyond to improve how we collect client feedback. We can now rely on our customer insights, knowing the process has been fully automated and captured correctly in our CRM system. This trust in the underlying technology frees us to focus on actioning our client-centric policies.

Kjetil Almvik CRM Team Manager, Color Line
TØI Logo

We chose to work with Walr because it is possible to have the team around the table. We can use Walr as partners and benefit from their skills to advance our research capabilities.

Fundamentally it’s great talking to people who know what they are doing. We feel supported by Walr and know we are a priority for them.

Torkel Bjørnskau Senior Research Political Scientis, TØI
30 m+ completes
10 k surveys
140 countries
1.5 bn questions answered

The smartest and most unified solution for data creation.

Fully Unified

A fully unified platform, removing the inefficiencies and errors created by a multi-software, multi-vendor solution, saving you time and money.


Provide your customers with the ability to interact with their data, from one easily accessible place.


Simple, intuitive and delivered how you want. Walr makes your life easier by taking away the complications of a typical research process.


Fully customizable; from question type to platform appearance. Walr positions everything you do in the best possible light.


A unique and highly cost effective approach to data creation and analysis, leading to significant time savings and financial benefit for our customers.

Safe, Secure, Compliant

World-class cloud infrastructure and data quality procedures, to deliver unlimited capacity, security and compliance, with all data protection and privacy regulations. ISO 27001 certified.

We provide a fully flexible operating model.

1 Lean on us

We understand that doing it yourself isn’t always the best solution. So, we have a market-leading, global team of consultants ready to deliver any element of your data creation with you.

2 Self serve

In-depth platform training and full service support, so you can confidently take control and run all aspects of your research through our platform.

Ready to explore more?

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