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Create data to

power your success.

With walr.

We unify smart technology and thoughtful expertise to bring efficiency to online research.

30 m+ completes
20 k projects
140 + countries
1.5 bn questions answered
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Data creation noun

1 : data that is created using Walr’s technology to help businesses accelerate, optimize and simplify their online research process. 

2 : a section of the primary research process that encompasses survey programming, fieldwork and data analysis, delivered by experts and supported by brilliant technology.

“Walr is our go-to data creation partner, helping us collect and analyze powerful information for our online research.”

Our data creation solutions allow researchers, consultants, and marketeers to spend more time creating value in the areas they excel most. 

We are trusted to provide the most seamless, efficient and high quality service.

Sample Only.

Set up your audiences exactly as you want, with complete visibility over progress.

Send your quote to our team, and learn how cost-effective, dynamic, and customer-driven we are. 

Full Service.

Sit back and relax as you let our Full Service specialists do the heavy lifting. 

From building surveys, managing fieldwork to delivering data and dashboards, we are here to support your online research needs.

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Industry expertise meets brilliant technology.

We are fieldwork specialists with hundreds of years of combined experience, working in a 24/7 customer-centric manner, to build extremely successful and trusted partnerships. 

Underpinning our industry expertise is our proprietary, cloud-based technology, which allows us to deliver delight at scale.

Helping the world's smartest organizations create data in a better way.

The Walr Platform makes the complex, simple.

We are confident we deliver the best service, at the best price. Why? Because our service is built on our cutting-edge technology.

We will script your surveys, source your respondents, and analyze your results, whilst giving you access to a central library of your data, so you can see and share any study you’ve ever run, at the touch of a button.

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Walr provides us with exceptional client service, delivering data that we can trust. Working with Walr allows my people to focus on what makes us more successful, providing great insight to our customers. I would recommend them to everyone.

Ben Farr Managing Director, Critical Research

Technology for researchers, built by researchers.

Around-the-clock service

With 24/7 support, dedicated account management and unparalleled efficiency, we are trusted partners for our customers’ online research needs. 

Quicker speed to data

Using our proprietary technology, we automate and simplify the research process to deliver data to our customers, at record speed. 

Industry expertise

With a collective experience in online research of hundreds of years, we know the levers to pull to maximize efficiency without compromising on quality. 

Knowledge library

Store, categorize and search through all historic datasets in one place, from wherever they were created, and benefit from instant access to the interactive data.

Simpler tech stack

With multiple tools centralized into one platform, you can massively simplify your tech stack to drive operational and cost efficiency.

Safe, secure, compliant

World-class cloud infrastructure and data quality procedures, to deliver unlimited capacity, security, and compliance, with all data protection and privacy regulations. ISO 27001 certified.

Ready to explore more?

Speak to us to see how we can bring efficiency to your online research.