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Create data to

power your success.

With walr.

We support the world’s most curious minds with powerful technology, bespoke services, and diverse data collection methods.

30 m+ completes
20 k projects
90 countries
1.5 bn questions answered

Create data in whatever way suits you best with our bespoke offering.

Benefit from:

  • Efficient data collection methods
  • Intuitive data visualization and reporting techniques
  • Improved collaboration, with effortless sharing functionality
  • Supportive and transparent advice from a team of seasoned industry professionals 

We offer the best of both worlds: a cutting-edge research platform alongside expert managed services.

Do it yourself.

Simplify your data creation process with the Walr Platform:

  • Create surveys with Survey Builder
  • Analyze data with Analysis & Reporting
  • Store data in our project library
  • Receive human-led support
  • For beginners and research specialists

Have it done for you.

Outsource your data creation to our team of research experts:

  • Audience access
  • Survey programming
  • Data processing
  • 24/7 project management
  • Dedicated account management

Select a blend of both.

We won’t make you choose, book a call with our team today and tell us how you’d like to work. 

Helping the world's smartest organizations create data in a better way.
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Without our panel of engaged respondents, we don’t have a product. So Walr is really the lifeblood of our business, a bit like oil in an engine – we would slow down very quickly without them!

Walr is responsible for ensuring that we’re hitting our quotas, staying ahead of the curve in terms of quality controls, and collecting the data our customers need. It is absolutely one of the most fundamental elements of the business.

Nick Richardson Founder, The Insights Family
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I think one of the key advantages of working with Walr is that they are really, really good at being flexible. They take the time to understand what we need and build a plan around that. This allows us to upscale and downscale our operations with ease.

A complimentary element to this flexibility is Walr’s responsiveness. If we encounter the odd issue, the team jump on it really quickly and guide us through the process. It’s extremely comforting to know we have 24/7 support, so that if there is an issue, it is dealt with quickly.

Joanne Handley Chief of Staff, Talker Inc
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It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Walr for the past year. They act as a real partner in our data collection. Not only do they communicate clearly, remain flexible to changing concerns and deliver consistently – but they also help shape our plans based off their expertise, and challenge our thinking to get us to the best outcome.

When Walr are managing something, I feel like I can rest assured because I know all will be in hand.

Caroline Reid Head of Client Services, Shopper Intelligence Ireland

We exist to simplify the complex and fragmented research process.

Access around-the-clock service

With 24/7 support, dedicated account management and unparalleled efficiency, we are trusted partners for our customers’ online research needs. 

Collect data at speed

Using our proprietary technology, we automate and simplify the research process to deliver data to our customers, at record speed. 

Perform research with peace of mind

World-class cloud infrastructure and data quality procedures, to deliver unlimited capacity, security, and compliance. ISO 27001 certified.

Reduce costs

We know the levers to pull to maximize efficiency and significantly reduce costs. 

Leverage industry expertise

Our seasoned industry professionals build bespoke solutions to fit our client’s exact needs. 

Unlock greater focus

We enable our clients to focus on what truly drives their success, curating brilliant insights. 

Ready to explore more?

Speak to us to see how we can bring efficiency to your online research.