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We are dedicated

to delivering delight.

We support the world’s most curious minds with powerful technology, bespoke services, and diverse data collection methods.

Our Story

Founded in October 2020, with the sole ethos of partnership, we wanted to provide a solution that played a key role in driving the success of our customers’ businesses.

We are a team of seasoned experts, offering the research industry seamless data creation. Through one provider, customers can access an audience of millions and benefit from on-point data collection, analysis and reporting.

With our tailored data creation products underpinning our activities, research users are now fully empowered to focus on what makes them successful and drives their business forward.

2020 year founded
104 team members
1 acquisition
30 m+ completes
20 k projects
1.5 bn questions answered
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Our Values.

We Delight through Dedication

We go above and beyond for our clients, committed to delivering best-in-class service. The first to respond, the problem solver, the true partner, we stop at nothing until we have found a way to delight our clients. 

We Lead with Trust

We approach our work with a data-driven mindset, balanced by an acknowledgement that we are all human first. We default to open, choose respect, and create space for people to excel, knowing that doing so fosters an environment where people can be their best selves.  

We Revel in Innovation

We aren’t afraid to take informed risks, learn from mistakes and act with purpose to build the future. Continually challenging the norm, we are change agents who deliver innovative, new solutions for our clients in both technology and delivery, setting a benchmark for what great service looks like in our industry. 

We Celebrate as a Team

We are a globally distributed team that equally emphasizes individual accountability and collective success. We invest in growth through shared problem solving, learning and development and a consistent drive to improve how we work collectively. Prioritizing inclusivity and leaving egos behind, we see that the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

We Are Empowered to Act Like Owners

Regardless of background, tenure or title, all employees are empowered to be ambitious, courageous and accountable for their actions, in pursuit of the future of Walr.

Find our team across the globe.

Strategically placed teams to deliver the best solutions for our customers, exactly when and where they are required.

United Kingdom

You’ll find Walr HQ situated just outside London Bridge station on the doorstep of Borough Market. Yummy!


Our remote-first team of customer specialists cover most corners and timezones of the US, ensuring all needs are taken care of.


The trendy Scandinavian city of Malmö, just over the bridge from Copenhagen, is where you will find our core development team.


In the heart of Oslo is where some of our great, innovative minds sit.


Multi-city coverage to ensure the very best talent is on board, in support of our global business.


Operating out of Sydney to deliver delight to our customers in the APAC region.

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