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Audience Access

Find the right people

for your research.

With walr.

We support the world’s most curious minds with powerful technology, bespoke services, and diverse data collection methods.

30 m+ completes
650 sample sources
90 countries
1.5 bn questions answered

We simplify the world of global audience access.

  • We utilize a multi-source, industry agnostic approach
  • We reduce costs when sourcing audiences and pass those savings on
  • We include access to our delivery tool so you can analyze, store and share data 

Explore our Audience Access Network.

Global Panels

  • Programmatic APIs
  • Deep integration with exchanges

Proprietary Panels

  • Consumers
  • Expert audiences

Specialist Audiences

  • Lists
  • Partnerships
  • Social media
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By partnering with Walr to fulfil your audience needs, you can expect:

  • Dedicated account management
  • Around-the-clock project management 
  • Response within 30 minutes 
  • Guaranteed feasibility, pricing, and timings 
  • All data to pass through our proprietary quality control tool, Gatekeeper

How to access our global audience network.

Helping the world's smartest organizations create data in a better way.
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We are committed to protecting data integrity.

At Walr, we are driven by a steadfast commitment to integrity, accuracy, and trust in the field of market research. Our mission is to provide our clients with actionable insights derived from authentic and reliable data, while maintaining an unwavering stance against survey fraud.​

Our commitment to sample quality excellence.

We are committed to:

Combatting survey fraud: through rigorous validation processes, advanced fraud detection technologies, and proactive monitoring. We ensure that the data we collect is genuine and free from manipulation.​

Promoting transparency: we believe in open communication with our clients and respondents, providing clear explanations of our methodologies, objectives, and data collection practices to foster trust and confidence.​

Protecting respondent privacy: strict adherence to data protection regulations, ethical guidelines, and best practices ensures that respondent information is safeguarded against unauthorized disclosure or misuse.​

Advocating industry standards: we actively promote industry standards and best practices to uphold the credibility and reliability of survey data. We collaborate with industry associations and stakeholders to drive awareness and implementation of ethical guidelines and quality standards.​

Continuous improvement: through ongoing research, innovation, and adaptation, we strive to enhance the effectiveness and trustworthiness of our market research solutions.

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Without our panel of engaged respondents, we don’t have a product. So Walr is really the lifeblood of our business, a bit like oil in an engine – we would slow down very quickly without them!

Walr is responsible for ensuring that we’re hitting our quotas, staying ahead of the curve in terms of quality controls, and collecting the data our customers need. It is absolutely one of the most fundamental elements of the business.

Nick Richardson Founder, The Insights Family
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Walr have been a trusted panel partner of ours for the past few months now, supporting us in achieving the sample we need in timely and cost efficient ways. All whom I have had the pleasure of working with at Walr have been extremely helpful from quote stages, through to link testing, and project management. In particular, Walr have been incredible at supporting us with more difficult sample to source, ultimately helping us to meet the needs of our own clients.

The customer service that Walr provides is unfaltering – their patience, understanding and help with our requests is much appreciated. It is a pleasure to work alongside Christie and the team.

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We used Walr for a 3 month tracking project with very specific sampling priorities. Walr was able to work with us to script the survey with great speed, whilst also ensuring geotagging of respondents was in place to ensure we were asking the right questions to the right people.

Over the 3 months, Walr managed our quotas to ensure we got the respondents we required and were always on hand to manage any adjustments needed. We ended with over 85k US respondents, spread across 17 waves of representative data.

Stack Data Strategy

We exist to simplify the complex and fragmented research process.

Access around-the-clock service

We earn our customers’ trust through 24/7 support, dedicated account management, and unparalleled efficiency in meeting online research needs.

Collect data at speed

Leveraging our proprietary technology, we streamline the research process, ensuring rapid delivery of data to our customers with unprecedented speed.

Perform research with peace of mind

World-class cloud infrastructure and data quality procedures, to deliver unlimited capacity, security, and compliance. ISO 27001 certified.

Reduce costs

We know the levers to pull to maximize efficiency and significantly reduce costs. 

Leverage industry expertise

Our seasoned industry professionals build bespoke solutions to fit our client’s exact needs. 

Unlock greater focus

We enable our clients to focus on what truly drives their success, curating brilliant insights. 

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