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Analysis & Reporting

Simply curate your insights.

Helping the world's smartest organizations create data in a better way.


The simplest way to analyze and report your research.

Making analysis and awesome data reporting elegant and simple, removing barriers for even the newest of data users.


Extremely intuitive drag and drop based interface that makes data analysis accessible for the most inexperienced users.


Smart features and functions allow for extremely sophisticated analysis and detailed reporting.


An intelligent system and clever automation, delivers significant time savings when reporting from study to study, and wave to wave.


Import data from any number of sources to help enrich your insights.

Walr provides us with exceptional client service, delivering data that we can trust. Working with Walr allows my people to focus on what makes us more successful, providing great insight to our customers. I would recommend them to everyone.

Ben Farr Managing Director, Critical Research
18 m completes
10 k surveys
92 countries
1 bn questions answered

The smartest survey builder is also the easiest to use.

Data Processing

A sophisticated data processing engine offers full control to clean, prepare, manipulate and export raw data.

Tables and Charts

Ability to create very intelligent data tabulations and charts with real speed and full functionality, covering all weighting types and significance testing.

Automated Analysis

With ‘Dig Analysis’ you can automate your analysis by instantly seeing where the key findings are amongst your target audience.

Data Imports

Easily import data in any research format to utilize the incredible analysis and reporting tools, wherever you ran the survey.

Reports & Dashboards

Simply build fully customized reports and dashboards, to provide the exact outputs you require in an elegant manner.


Export tables and charts to Word, Excel and PowerPoint, into your chosen branded template, as data so you have full editing control.

We provide a fully flexible operating model.

1 Lean on us

Our specialist team of data analysts and visualizers are on hand to fully support your analysis & reporting requirements.

2 Self serve

In-depth platform training and full service support, so you can take control with confidence and run all elements of your research through our platform.

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